How Not to be OLD (even if you are)

How Not to Be OLD (even if you are)

If you are over 40, or the child of someone who is, How Not to be Old (even if you are) is hilarious (and maybe even familiar)! In the chapter about Venmo, “Of course cash still works, but the people who have cash these days are strippers, drug dealers, and OLD people.”

Be aware, you may see your friends and relatives within these pages. My husband hasn’t even reached his sixties but he definitely is OLD using this definition, “OLD begins when you start ordering drinks with no ice.”

How Not to be Old (even if you are) is an excellent Christmas gift for that older so-rich-they-already-own-everything-they-want person in your life. It includes a 20-step program to avoid annoying younger generations. It suggests strongly throughout to google stuff you are unsure about rather than asking a young person to avoid embarrassment of either of you. For example, 😋🍆 (a yummy face emoji followed by an eggplant emoji) will not be interpreted as meaning you’re hungry for eggplant parmesan by anyone younger than 50. 4 stars!

Thanks to Prospect Park Books and Edelweiss+ for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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