You Couldn’t Make It Up…!

You Couldn't make it up

From questioning a band’s name (based on the age of its members that includes Phil Collins, shouldn’t Genesis be renamed Exodus?) to negotiating with the Grim Reaper for an extra year (because “2020 will be a write-off”), there is something in You Couldn’t Make It Up…! for every taste.

Here is your chance to revisit the start of the pandemic before it all reoccurs again in real life in 2021.

“In the latest bout of coronavirus-inspired panic-buying, I’ve resorted to using lettuce leaves as an alternative to loo paper. Is this just the tip of the iceberg?”

Or you can use religious philosophy to explain the weirdness of 2020. Note to Americans, substitute ‘the election’ for Brexit in the quote below to achieve the same feeling as our British friends.

“It is said that those whom God wishes to destroy, he first drives insane. After Brexit and now the lockdown, I fear that I may be at the top of His list.“

Finally, try to find the glass half full (or at least not completely empty).

“Shops are being cleared of store-cupboard essentials, as people prepare to hunker down. I always knew we non-traveling, pasta-loving introverts would inherit the earth.“

“At last I have discovered one positive aspect resulting from this crisis. I am far better-looking when wearing a face mask.“

Many of us have more leisure time right now. If the cloudy skies of Winter and an absence of holiday social gatherings have made you a bit melancholy, You Couldn’t Make It Up…! is a good antidote. It will make you smile, giggle, and occasionally guffaw. 5 stars!

Thanks to Quarto, White Lion, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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