Zom 100 Vol 2

Zom 100 Vol 2

“Quitting my job opened my eyes. I’m gonna do everything I ever wanted. No restrictions!“

Akira Tendo is still trying to finish his list of a hundred (more or less) things he wants to do before becoming a zombie. While waiting for the zombie apocalypse might take us awhile (depending on what the real long-term side effects of the vaccine turn out to be), Akira is already in the middle of one. He better hurry and complete his list!

There are two two-part tales within Zom 100 Vol 2. They are both excellent tales.

Akira saved his friend, Kencho, in the last volume. So at least he isn’t alone. The two decide to find a wide screen tv to use for gaming. The bad news is they get trapped by a horde of zombies. The good news is there are liquor and girls there. Plus, they are flight attendants. Akira gets to cross something off  his list!

In the second story, Akira decides his dream job is to be a superhero. He names his alter-ego Akiraiger. Can he save people? More important, can he impress Little Miss Risk Analyst?

Another great manga, but not quite as good as volume 1. Still, it’s definitely worth a read. 4 stars!

Thanks to VIZ Media and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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