The Heights

Ellen blames Kieran for her son’s death. So, she kills him. Imagine her surprise when she sees him two years later standing on a nearby building. Surprise soon turns to murderous rage as Ellen decides to kill Kieran again in The Heights. I usually love this author’s books. However, TheContinue Reading


Chilling! Thrilling! Sundial is a genuinely frightening tale of a family gone horribly wrong. If everyone around you is mad, is the best response to go mad yourself? Rob is worried. Her daughter, Callie, is acting strangely. Her husband, Irving, is cheating on her…again. Unfortunately, Rob can’t divorce Irving becauseContinue Reading

The Night Shift

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999. Ella is in the bathroom after working The Night Shift at a New Jersey Blockbuster Video store. When she comes out, the rest of the staff is dead. She is left for dead but recovers. Fifteen years later, a similar event occurs as an iceContinue Reading

Batten Down the Belfry

Batten Down the Belfry combines two of my favorite things to do: read cozy mysteries and watch house flipping shows. Whitney and her cousin Buck flip unusual properties. This time they buy an abandoned church and parsonage, which they plan to make an entertainment venue and restaurant, respectively. Not onlyContinue Reading