Otherworldly Encounters

Otherworldly Encounters gives voluminous antidotal evidence of aliens among us. From mysterious flying objects to face-to-face encounters with aliens, this book has it all. Focusing on the author’s experience as the Maine State Director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network, it reports claims from 1645-2017. The book has a few photosContinue Reading

Future of Terrorism

The Future of Terrorism includes a well-researched and comprehensive history of terrorism from antiquity through 2017. Its section on terrorism’s future is more divisive based as it is on the current political climate in the United States. The book has three parts: terrorism in history, modern terrorism and the futureContinue Reading

Mastering Plot Twists

Mastering Plot Twists pulls back the curtain on how the writing process works. Excellent manual on plotting, character motivation and including the unexpected within your writing. Each chapter includes a brief lesson, a multitude of examples, and exercises for the reader to apply the knowledge to their own works. ThereContinue Reading

We Robot

We Robot: “The day is coming when they will rival and surpass us in all sorts of fields.” First seen in 1495 in Da Vinci’s sketches of a mechanical knight, robots are increasingly everywhere. From over 400,000 industrial robots made by one manufacturer to the future of skyscraper window cleaning.Continue Reading

Coming Revolution

Capitalism is dying. What will replace it in the Coming Revolution? Without growth, capitalism will collapse. Automation and globalized production are radically reducing the need for labor. Massive debt loads are mortgaging the future for current needs. Natural disasters and wars are the only way to bring back prosperity, thoughContinue Reading

Top Hoodlum

Immerse yourself in the world of New York mafia kingpin, Frank Costello, labeled a Top Hoodlum by FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover. Prohibition was a marvelous time for organized crime in 1920s New York City. Bringing in liquor from Canada, Frank and all his cronies became millionaires supplying the addictionsContinue Reading

Buzz Books 2018: Fall/Winter

Buzz Books 2018: Fall/Winter is a great resource for reviewers and readers looking for their next great read! Containing Publishers Lunch’s guesses for the most popular books in the coming months, this book is an invaluable asset for bloggers, reviewers, booksellers and librarians. This is my first look at aContinue Reading

Justice Howard's Voodoo

Intriguing photographs showcase Justice Howard’s Voodoo traditions. A beginner’s guide to voodoo that includes the reason behind many of the rituals. It also compares and contrasts voodoo to other religions and myths. Be aware that the photos contain full frontal female nudity, preserved human hand and real human bones asContinue Reading

Modern Pressure Canning

Comprehensive guide to Modern Pressure Canning with mouthwatering deliciously photographed recipes. This cookbook includes an explanation of how pressure canning works, the necessary tools and step-by-step instructions within each recipe. The recipes begin with basic vegetables like carrots, green beans and corn. Next, the author moves onto more advanced vegetablesContinue Reading

Vanishing Frontiers

Vanishing Frontiers documents the changing nature of Mexican immigration and Mexico’s economy. The wave of Mexican immigration to the United States is over. Both China and India send more immigrants. In addition, Mexico’s healthy economy has pushed wages higher leading to a large increase in the middle class. Cheap laborContinue Reading


Soul includes 150 southern soul food recipes that look uniformly delicious thanks to great photographs. With chapters focusing on a single ingredient, each chapter in Soul progresses from simple to complex recipes.  The chapters include: Collards, Onions, Berries, Lamb, Seafood, Corn, Tomatoes, Melons, Stone Fruit, Eggs and Poultry, Pork andContinue Reading

Unofficial Guide to Ancestry com

Comprehensive and well-organized handbook for ancestry.com. The Unofficial Guide to Ancestry.com is a wellspring of knowledge about how find your ancestors more efficiently. Beginning with a simple description of ancestry.com’s menu, this book then drills down past the site’s hint system into the databases themselves. Here is a list ofContinue Reading