Jazz Maynard Vol 2

With excellent artwork and a fast-moving plot, Jazz Maynard Vol 2 continues the Iceland Trilogy. My review of the previous volume is here. Judas, Jazz’ former mob boss, is in jail. Caligula of a rival criminal organization is trying to take over his illegal operation by force. Jazz is approachedContinue Reading

Sons of Cain

Sons of Cain is the story of real serial killers from the stone age to now. The book is divided into three parts. Part I contains definitions, Earth’s history and man’s place in it, and psychological diseases that may be causing serial killers to be more frequent now. Part IIContinue Reading


In the sixth Rosato and DiNunzio book, the firm is sued directly by Mary’s archnemesis, Nick Machiavelli. Three male plantiffs are alleging gender hiring discrimination and using the words of the firm’s sole male attorney against them. Hiring Roger Vitez to defend them, the firm is shocked to discover aContinue Reading

Cupcake & Astronaut

As if Quentin Tarantino’s mind and a children’s picture book were accidental merged during teleportation to another universe! Cupcake & Astronaut is a weird dive into the mind of famed comic artist, Question No. 6. (       ) (that’s her name-the empty parenthesis, not this one) has one too many armsContinue Reading

Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears

Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears contains humorous short comics about pop culture. As fractured fairy tales did in the 1960s, this collection holds nothing sacred in its quest for laughter. In the time of online dating, how long would it take the frog prince to find someone to give himContinue Reading