Toucan Keep a Secret

Toucan Keep a Secret about a thirty-year-old robbery and murder. By all accounts, Junius Hagley was not a nice man. Frustrated by the paperwork to disintern his wife’s cremated remains, he took matters, and a crowbar, into his own hands to rectify the situation. When someone interrupts, and then murdersContinue Reading


To an opioid user, either on “legal” OxyContin or heroin, the goal is to avoid the debilitating withdrawal of being Dopesick. Most have only two options, steal or sell the same drugs to other, usually new, users to finance their own habit. Moving from rural Virginia in 1996 to suburbsContinue Reading

Meet Me at the Museum

I adore epistolary novels. I feel like I am the “fly on the wall” in the writers’ life. Meet Me at the Museum is one of the best of that style of novel that I have read.  Tina has recently lost her best friend.  She is past 60 and thinkingContinue Reading

Our House

Can a soon-to-be ex-husband sell Our House without warning? Bram and Fi are a typical London family with two young sons and most of their money tied up in their house. When Fi throws Bram out for adultery in their kids’ playhouse, Bram moves in with his mother until theirContinue Reading

Weekend at Thrackley

Jim Henderson, unemployed for three years since WWI, gets an invitation from a friend of his father for a free Weekend at Thrackley. The mysterious owner, Edwin Carson, has something rather different planned than a typical country house weekend. The residents are Mr. Carson’s daughter, Mary; his butler, Jacobson; andContinue Reading

An Unwanted Guest

A blizzard traps 9 guests, the owner and his son in this homage to And Then There Were None mixed with a bit of the Shining. The guests in An Unwanted Guest include: Gwen Delaney in corporate public relations despite having a journalism degree and Her college buddy, Riley Shuter,Continue Reading

Writer's Guide to Wattpad

The Writer’s Guide to Wattpad is an excellent resource for new writers and those frustrated with typical ebook distribution channels. Wattpad allows writers to have a personal relationship with their readers while building their fan base and social media presence. While it is free and easy to create content, thisContinue Reading

Craving His Best Friend's Ex

Ethan is Craving His Best Friend’s Ex in this perfect light summer read. Ethan and Mason are best friends. When they see Crissanne at a college party, Mason, always the impulsive one, approaches her. Mason and Crissanne have a romantic relationship but Ethan is envious and regretful that he didn’tContinue Reading