A Bad Day for Sunshine

The author of the paranormal Charley Davidson mysteries begins a new comic and romantic mystery series with A Bad Day for Sunshine. Sunshine is the name of the Sheriff of tiny Del Sol, New Mexico. Del Sol is her hometown that she left at seventeen after a tragic incident. Now,Continue Reading

Mind Over Weight

Mind over Weight looks at how important motivation is to achieving weight loss. However, most of the ideas will be familiar to Psychology 101 alumni or anyone who has read a few other diet books. For example, SMART goals, intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivators, and meditation as a stress-reliever are fairlyContinue Reading

The Stolen Letter

The Stolen Letter is the fifth book in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series. The book successfully blends a cozy mystery plot, British royalty, and many paranormal elements like reincarnation and book characters that give advice. And it has more plot than a bushel of other cozy mysteries. Yet the authorContinue Reading

Strike Me Down

Strike Me Down had me at this quote: “‘The event is sold out, but we’ve sunk that revenue—‘ ‘Cash, not revenue,’ Nora corrected.’” Why did I love this quote? Because no one ever cares enough about accounting to even bother fact-checking it. Nora is a forensic accountant hired to findContinue Reading

After She Wrote Him

After She Wrote Him is the wildly inventive tale of two writers writing about each other. But which one is fictional? “‘It’s an exploration of an author’s relationship with her protagonist, an examination of the tenuous line between belief and reality, imagination and self, and what happens when that lineContinue Reading