Strike Me Down

Strike Me Down

Strike Me Down had me at this quote:

“‘The event is sold out, but we’ve sunk that revenue—‘ ‘Cash, not revenue,’ Nora corrected.’”

Why did I love this quote? Because no one ever cares enough about accounting to even bother fact-checking it. Nora is a forensic accountant hired to find the money. The money isn’t revenue until after the event is held. I am irrationally happy, as a CPA, to see the author, also a CPA, get the accounting correct. However, non-accountant readers will also enjoy this high-octane read of missing money, missing people, and more than one troubled marriage.

Logan is the face and the fighter in Strike, a popular urban kickboxing gym. Gregg, her husband, is the money guy. Their marriage is losing steam. But the company is going full-speed ahead. 50-year-old Logan announces in the press a $20 million prize for Strike Down, a kickboxing tournament. Then the prize money goes missing. Gregg thinks Logan took it just to spite him. Nora and her firm investigate his allegation. But first, the firm must decide, as required by accounting standards, if Nora’s past one-night stand with Gregg impairs her independence. (BTW, it does, says my latent CPA brain but that would make this book a truly short story.)

With a thrilling and unexpected conclusion, Strike Me Down is an enthralling read. If you like romantic suspense or domestic thrillers, you will really enjoy this fast-paced book. Plus you’ll learn about kickboxing and forensic accounting. 4 stars!

Thanks to Emily Bestler Books, Atria Books, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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