Long Story Short

Long Story Short

Extremely short and humorous comic strips of famous book plots fill Long Story Short.

Books from Beowulf to The Hunger Games are sumarized here. The summaries can be direct such as “You can love someone and still be racist.” for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But most are also humorous. Pride and Prejudice is in three frames. “I HATE him.” “Whoa! His house is REALLY BIG.” “I LOVE him.” Another example is The Hunger Games in one panel. “It sucks to kill your friends. It sucks more if your friends kill YOU.”

Be aware that there are some spoilers here. For All Quiet on the Western Front, “World War I was horrific.” “Practically everyone was killed.” “Including me.” was illustrated in three panels.

The 107 (even though the subtitle says only 100) book summaries located in Long Story Short are so cute. It was hard for me to narrow down my examples to share to four. But I want you to leave wanting more so you will buy this wonderful homage to well-loved tales.

The illustrations are clear, colorful and straightforward. They perfectly illustrate each plot.

The chosen tales are varied between old and new classics. Most will be familiar to readers or movie viewers.

Overall, this is a perfect gift for the reader in your life even if that reader is you. Also, it might entice younger readers to read older works. 5 stars!

Thanks to Algonquin Books and Edelweiss+ for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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