Technology Procurement Handbook

As society has moved closer to a service economy, so too has procurement moved from compliance to a value-added service. While not strictly a profit center, every dollar a buyer saves goes directly into the company’s pocket. To keep up with today’s fast-moving economy, procurement must go from a searchContinue Reading

Have a Deadly New Year?

“‘What are you doing here?’ he demands. ‘It’s my first day back.’ ‘What are you talking about?’ He steps closer, his eyes burrowing into me. ‘You haven’t worked here in years.’” So begins the new thriller, Have You Seen Me?, by Kate White. Ally Linden is thirty-four. And that’s allContinue Reading

The Split

The Split is a superb twisty thriller with multiple layers of mystery waiting to be unfolded. Felicity is working on South Georgia Island near Antarctica studying glaciers. She is also hiding from someone in her past. Felicity was hoping no one could find her in such a remote location. SheContinue Reading

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner

Who knew that there were so many tasty dishes featuring the humble chicken? It truly means Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner can be a 10-minute Tostada or an exotic Chicken Laarb. The flavor profiles come from all over the world. Sheet Pan Shawarma to Harissa Chicken to Filopino-style Chicken Adobo areContinue Reading