Have You Seen Me?

Have a Deadly New Year?

“‘What are you doing here?’ he demands.

‘It’s my first day back.’

‘What are you talking about?’ He steps closer, his eyes burrowing into me. ‘You haven’t worked here in years.’”

So begins the new thriller, Have You Seen Me?, by Kate White.

Ally Linden is thirty-four. And that’s all she remembers besides her former job’s address. And her steamy affair with the man that still works there. After fainting in her former office, she is rushed to the hospital. When nothing physically wrong with her is found, she is quickly moved to the psych ward for observation. Once there, her memory partially returns.

She’s a personal finance journalist who lives in a swanky apartment in New York City with her husband Hugh, a lawyer. But Ally still has no memory of what happened earlier that morning. In a thriller, with a husband no one can find, I would be worried, very worried, if I was Ally. Poor Ally’s life only spirals further out of her control when her husband finally appears.

What is my pet peeve about thrillers? When you race through a great one only to be met by either an abrupt or an unsatisfying ending. Unfortunately, Have You Seen Me? suffers from this fate. I’ll give it three stars but know it was at least a four star read up until the conclusion.

Thanks to Harper Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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