Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner

Who knew that there were so many tasty dishes featuring the humble chicken? It truly means Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner can be a 10-minute Tostada or an exotic Chicken Laarb.

The flavor profiles come from all over the world. Sheet Pan Shawarma to Harissa Chicken to Filopino-style Chicken Adobo are here along with 35 other meals and ten sauces. Each recipe has a picture. However, there is absolutely no nutritional or allergen information. Also, while most people will have a stove with an oven. Many may not have access to a grill (which is a shame because the grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza sounds delicious). At least for the Instant Pot chapter, the author provides alternate instructions to cook the recipes on a stove. In the grill chapter, only the wings have oven instructions.

The recipes all look tasty and seem relatively easy to make for a weekday dinner. Most of the ingredients are available in a regular market at a low cost. The pictures are gorgeous. But I really miss the nutritional and allergen info. If you don’t, and want to give your family something new for dinner, Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner is clearly a winner for you. For me, it’s only 3 stars.

Thanks to Storey Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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