Women with Silver Wings

Women with Silver Wings

World War began with a bomb. When Pearl Harbor was hit by Japanese bombs from above, it forced the United States to join both the German and the Japanese fronts. It also inspired American men, and women, to do their patriotic duty by serving in the military. Over a thousand female pilots joined the Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP. These Women with Silver Wings helped ferry planes around the country, test new planes, and train new military pilots freeing up more male pilots to fight the enemy. This is their story.

The author has a Ph.D. in history and a lifelong interest in flight. It shows in this well-researched story of the trials and tribulations of being a female pilot in a male-chauvinist world. In the 1940s, women were expected to put marriage and family above all else. Yet these brave women wanted to help the war effort with skills they already possessed.

But the stories included in the Women with Silver Wings are much more personal than a dry history textbook. It reads more like historical fiction with romance, adventure and conflict all present on its pages. If you enjoy memoirs or historical fiction, I believe you will enjoy this inspiring tale. 4 stars!

Thanks to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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