Venus in the Blind Spot

Venus in the Blind Spot is an excellent horror manga story collection that is highly recommended for its original plots. Someone is killing the young people in Japan! Killing, undressing, and stitching them together with fishing line. It occurs whenever two or more people gather together. A group called BillionsContinue Reading

Still Here

In Still Here, PI Clare is looking for her missing mentor Malcolm and his wife, Zoe, in their hometown of Lune Bay. Zoe has been missing over a year. Malcolm is missing for only eight days. Malcolm is more than just Clare’s mentor. He helped her escape an abusive relationshipContinue Reading

Until I Find You

What reader is not frightened of going blind? What mother is not afraid of her child going missing? For Bec, a widowed mother of infant son Jackson, both fears are realized in Until I Find You, a new domestic suspense tale. One day, Bec is awakened by Jackson’s screams. WhenContinue Reading

Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend! Em, Kimiko, Sadie, Amy and our narrator, June, were the Fearless Five and best friends in college. But that was more than a decade ago. Sadie, who appears to have the perfect life, wants to get the old gang together to celebrate Amy with a baby shower. ButContinue Reading

Under Pressure

When an aerosol bomb explodes at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, the police don’t know which of the 702 victims was the real target. Or was the target the company hosting the celebration of their IPO the following morning? When the FBI is Under Pressure, they turn toContinue Reading

World's Greatest Cities

With an in-depth look at thirty cities worldwide, the World’s Greatest Cities is the perfect coffee table or waiting room read. From New York City to Istanbul, many of civilization’s best cities are highlighted. Each city’s section contains a two-page iconic full-color photograph title page. In the following two pages,Continue Reading

World's Greatest Wonders

With eighteen man-made and twelve natural wonders, this coffee table book really does include the World’s Greatest Wonders. From the familar like the Taj Mahal to the more obscure like Petra, many of the World’s Greatest Wonders are shown and described here. There a few glaring omissions like there areContinue Reading

The Harrowing of Hell

If you are not Catholic, Lutheran, LDS, Reformed or Orthodox, you may not have been taught what happened to Jesus after he was crucified and before he was resurrected. The Harrowing of Hell tells of Jesus descent into the underworld. Whether you are a believer in the story or not,Continue Reading