Mums and Mayhem

Mums and Mayhem

Fiona has only been in Scotland for seven months. She moved from Nashville after she inherited a magic garden and the ability to see the future from her godfather Ian. After opening her flower shop, Fiona is nominated to the local Merchant Society. The Society is sponsoring a homecoming concert with native son, Barley. Little do they know the concert will bring Mums and Mayhem to their little Scottish village.

Fiona is busy. She is providing the flowers for the concert, mums of course. Her parents are coming to visit—all the way from America. Barley, his band, and their manager have some loud verbal disagreements before he is found murdered. But many of the locals, including Fiona’s father, also have motives to kill Barley. Fiona uses her visions and skills to solve the crime.

I love a unique cozy mystery and this series definitely checks that box. A magical garden in a small Scottish village? Some family drama from the past? Two sweet romances for Fiona and her younger sister, Isla? Yes, please! There is the murder mystery to solve too. When everyone is a possible suspect, there are obviously a lot of red herrings for Fiona, and the reader, to wade through. Mums and Mayhem, the third in the Magic Garden Mystery series, doesn’t disappoint. 4 stars!

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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