Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend! Em, Kimiko, Sadie, Amy and our narrator, June, were the Fearless Five and best friends in college. But that was more than a decade ago. Sadie, who appears to have the perfect life, wants to get the old gang together to celebrate Amy with a baby shower. ButContinue Reading

Hello, Summer

When a new Mary Kay Andrews’ book comes out, everyone knows that summer is just around the corner. This year the book’s title, Hello, Summer, says it all. Conley wiped the dirt from her small Florida hometown off her shoes and eventually became a Pulitzer-prize nominated investigative journalist. She’s aboutContinue Reading

Last House Guest

The Last House Guest is a deliciously fun guilty pleasure of a murder mystery. Avery and Sadie are summer best friends. Avery is a year round resident of Littleport Maine in charge of maintaining the summer rentals owned by Sadie’s family. Sadie has spent many summers in Littleport on vacationContinue Reading