The Lion's Den

Summer and you are best friends in high school in The Lion’s Den. Summer takes you to your high school French teacher’s apartment where his friend tries to sexually assault you. You’re sixteen. Ten years later, Summer is now the trophy mistress of a mega-rich old man, John. She invitesContinue Reading

Dark August

Dark August is a twisty and enthralling debut thriller you won’t want to miss! Twenty-year-old orphan Gus, short for Augusta, is returning home after running away as a youngster years ago. Her great-grandmother, and sole remaining relative, is dead. She has left Gus her reverse-mortgaged house, a stack of bills,Continue Reading

You are Obsolete

An island in Estonia is being ruled by children who kill everyone over 40 because “You are Obsolete.” The children’s leader, Martina, has asked Livia to tell their story to the world. Livia is horrified. Just because you call out the source material you are copying (Twilight Zone and Logan’sContinue Reading

The Finders

Elvira, Vira for short, barely survives carbon monoxide poisoning by a vicious owner as a puppy. At the kennel, she is adopted by Mace. Mace trains Vira to be a Human Remains Detection dog. On Vira’s first case, she finds the body of the victim of a serial killer. SheContinue Reading