Split Decision

Split Decision

As a person gets older, they begin to reflect on decision points where their life could have moved in a completely new direction. Ice-T, and his former companion in crime, Spike, must be at that point. In Split Decision, they look at each of those points and try to see how their lives diverged so completely. One is a famous rapper and actor. The other has a long criminal record. Was it luck, chance, planning, or innate skill that propelled Ice-T away from his criminal past?

I selected this book to see how authentic Ice–T‘s history is to his music. Very authentic is the answer I found. However, I found Spike’s story of prison life the more compelling of the two by far. Poor Spike! He just had to do that one last score that threw him in jail for decades. It just proves that everyone’s luck runs out eventually.

If you enjoy street or criminal memoirs, you will enjoy Split Decision. It is, of course, also a great choice for Ice-T fans. The two men’s memories are merged together seamlessly creating a compelling cautionary tale. 4 stars!

Thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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