The Big Dark Sky

The Big Dark Sky

What did I just read? Aliens, cults, ghosts, hackers and a serial killer are all key players under The Big Dark Sky of Montana.

A group of people are called to the Rustling Willows Ranch in Montana. Wyatt Ryder, a private detective, is paid by the ranch’s owner to investigate strange phenomena. Joanna “Jojo” Chase is haunted by her mother, who died decades earlier when both lived on the ranch. Asher Optime is convinced that his life’s purpose is to end humanity’s time on Earth. Ganesh, a government consultant, is also involved.

Dean Koontz wrote some great horror tales in the 1980s. Then he wrote the humorous but spiritual Odd Thomas series. Recently, he has been writing the Jane Hawk action thrillers. The Big Dark Sky is basically a mashup of all Mr. Koontz’ genre experiences in one book.

I’m not sure how well he succeeds. His horror plots are notorious wordy—why use one adjective when ten will really flesh out that sentence. That prose style went out of fashion for thrillers thirty years ago. Fortunately, the plot propels the reader forward just trying to determine what is really happening on the Montana ranch.

This book is an interesting change of pace for the author’s fans. If you want to read a book that is difficult to categorize, but extremely compelling, The Big Dark Sky is a great choice. 4 stars!

Thanks to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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