Coached Red-Handed

Coached Red-Handed

In Coached Red-Handed, coach Cat has a new client.

Scarlet Rubi is a fabulously rich romance author who is sick of supporting her extended family. Her sister, nephew, two grown children, and two granddaughters have never done anything in their lives but suck money away from her. Cat and Scarlet decide on a solution. Scarlet will give them the million dollar houses that Scarlet allows them to live in rent free. But only if they agree to never to ask Scarlet for another dime. It doesn’t go well, and Scarlet is murdered that same night.

Gilley is Cat’s best friend. Gilley has recently broken up with his longtime love. To cheer him up, Cat is taking Gilley to Europe. Unfortunately, as the last people to see Scarlet alive, Cat’s detective boyfriend, Shepherd, tells them they can’t leave the country. That forces the bffs to investigate the crime themselves so their trip isn’t delayed.

I’ve followed the hilarious Gilley from the author’s Ghost Hunter cozy mystery series to this series. Now, both he and I are beginning to settle into his new lifestyle. In addition to Gilley romantic heartbreak, Cat and Shepherd’s romance takes central stage in Coached Red-Handed. If you want a funny, cozy mystery with realistic romantic subplots, look no further, this book is great! 5 stars!

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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