Murder in a Teacup

The McHenrys and the Frenchs are about as friendly with each as the Hatfields and McCoys. The question is why would recently widowed Heather French nee McHenry invite them all to a free vacation with her. The McHenrys themselves can’t stop arguing with each other. But when one of Heather’sContinue Reading

Body Over Troubled Waters

This time it’s personal! Scumble River’s school psychologist Skye has enough to deal with her newborn twins with her police chief husband Wally. Now, her godfather has gone and got himself arrested. Plus, the school’s superintendent has been stabbed in the throat by cupid’s arrow…literally…and died. So much for SkyeContinue Reading

No 5 Vol 1

In No. 5, Vol 1, the Peace Corps Commandos are an elite caste of superhumans on a future Earth. Their first mission is to shoot the mythical elk, Ashiro. Meanwhile, sharpshooter number 5 is romancing his superior’s wife. He runs off with her. The superior sends his staff to killContinue Reading