Surprise! It’s Gluten Free!

Surprise! It's Gluten Free!

I was so excited to read Surprise! It’s Gluten Free! Most store-bought gluten-free bread tastes nothing like bread. I was looking forward to what the author promises in the introduction.

“The techniques and ingredients that work for one gluten-free recipe might not work well for the next. I have done all of the hard work for you with meticulously tested recipes that withstand the criticism of the most skeptical taste buds.”

However, the reality was disappointing. Giving a simple recipe for chicken salad and stating to use gluten-free bread (either purchased or using the sole white bread recipe) is too obvious. At least 75% of the recipes included in the book are naturally gluten-free. I need more recipes for the bread that I’ve been missing. There are two recipes for bread. Only two plus focaccia, naan, hamburger buns and flour tortillas. You will need a stand mixer with a paddle attachment to make all of them.

Another issue is the lack of pictures within the book. Only about 25% of the recipes have photographs. In addition, there is no nutritional information. Overall, Surprise! It’s Gluten Free! was a miss for me. 2 stars.

Thanks to Alpha, DK and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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