No. 5, Vol. 1

No 5 Vol 1

In No. 5, Vol 1, the Peace Corps Commandos are an elite caste of superhumans on a future Earth. Their first mission is to shoot the mythical elk, Ashiro. Meanwhile, sharpshooter number 5 is romancing his superior’s wife. He runs off with her. The superior sends his staff to kill number 5 and return his wife. First, number 9 fails to capture number 5 before being killed by him. Number 5 is then targeted by number 8. And so on.

The plot is the nobles of ancient England squabbling among themselves for land, riches, and women. However, it is set in the far future when Earth is rebuilding. I needed more world-building. There was little explanation of how the Earth reached this point and how survival in this culture has changed from our own (or the middle ages for that matter).

Another issue was that the characters had no personality other than a one-word description—number 8 was a teacher and number 5 was a sharpshooter. I didn’t really care what happened to them. Also, the wording is pretty anti-religious about civilizations having to invent a higher power. It’s very Marxist. Some readers may find that offensive.

I usually never give out only 1 star ratings due the author and artists taking the time to write the book. But this book was a confusing mishmash. So, unfortunately No. 1, Vol 1 earns a 1 star from me.

Thanks to VIZ Media and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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