The Dilemma

the Dilemma

Life. It’s complicated. On her fortieth birthday, Livia has a secret—maybe more than one—to share at her birthday party. What is The Dilemma that has Livia so frazzled?

Adam and Livia are dating the summer between high school and college when Livia ends up pregnant. Livia’s parents disown her ending her dreams of the perfect white wedding. Instead, Adam and Livia have a civil wedding and Josh is born a few months later. Adam must put down his dreams of attending university. But he hasn’t quite become a mature father—leaving for days at a time to hang out with his best friend, Nelson. Having their daughter, Marnie, a few years later sets Adam on the right course. But will he ever be able to make up his poor fathering to Josh? To Livia?

The less you know going into The Dilemma, the better. It is even hard to write a review without spoiling the excellent and heart-wrenching plot. Therefore, I will simply state that this book is the must-read book of the summer. 5 stars and my favorite book so far this year!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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