Dark August

Dark August

Dark August is a twisty and enthralling debut thriller you won’t want to miss!

Twenty-year-old orphan Gus, short for Augusta, is returning home after running away as a youngster years ago. Her great-grandmother, and sole remaining relative, is dead. She has left Gus her reverse-mortgaged house, a stack of bills, and a Buick that was born in the 80s or earlier. Oh, and Levi, Gus’ now old dog.

While cleaning up the house for sale, Gus finds her police officer mother’s evidence from her last case. Intrigued, Gus tries to solve the crime herself.

Dark August has the best conclusion I’ve read in a thriller for awhile. Twist after twist appear and then vanish with the next reveal. I thought I had figured it all out. Nope! Who doesn’t love a surprising ending? However, I was a bit confused by all the timeline changes at the beginning.

Overall, I rate it 4 stars! If you love being an armchair detective, I dare you to guess the stunning and heart-pounding conclusion.

Thanks to Harper Paperbacks and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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