Mastermind. Drugs. Empire. Murder. Betrayal.

Mastermind. Drugs. Empire. Murder. Betrayal. The title really tells the entire story in a nutshell. Paul Le Roux started out small with online prescription drug sales in the United States. Marijuana dispensaries still use his “doctors prescribe without seeing the patient” methods. Like most legitimate CEOs, Paul expanded his productContinue Reading


Married Superior Court Judge Juliana fails to use good Judgment and has an one-night stand at an out-of-town conference. Juliana decides to never repeat her mistake and returns to her courtroom. Unfortunately, she then sees the man sit down as a member of the defense counsel. The man blackmails herContinue Reading

Death by Committee

Death by Committee is a cozy mystery that emphasizes romance and quilting more than sleuthing. Abby’s recently deceased elderly Aunt Sybil left her a house. Abby hires several goats to eat some overgrown foliage in the backyard. One goat uncovers Dolly, Sybil’s rival, who is buried in the backyard inContinue Reading

The Plotters

Reseng is a paid assassin in South Korea. Unfortunately, The Plotters tell him exactly how to carry out each murder. Reseng feels like a paint-by-number killer with no creative outlet. When Reseng’s childhood friend Chu disobeys a plotter, Chu is targeted for murder with a hefty bounty on his head.Continue Reading


It is tempting to quote large swaths of Shameless as the quotes are so perfect. However, just take my word for it that reading this book is transformative. Is the Christian Church interpreting the Bible correctly to determine God’s thinking on sex and gender? This book sees parallels to whenContinue Reading

Downhill from Here

The prospect of a comfortable retirement has, unfortunately, become an increasingly elusive dream and it is Downhill from Here. In 2017, less than half of US employers provided a company-sponsored retirement plan. Even employees who thought they were covered have lost their retirement to bankruptcy and recent changes in theContinue Reading