Murder Next Door

My Review Psychics, missing persons, witches, corpses, and vampires? Redemption, Wisconsin, is my kind of town! Charlie runs a tea and tincture service from her house. One of her customers, eighty-year-old retired schoolteacher Mildred, is concerned about her neighbor. It seems Jonas has taken a month-long vacation without telling her.Continue Reading

The Burning Pages

Scottish bookstore owner, Delaney, is dragged into a mystery again in The Burning Pages. Delaney is invited to a prestigious dinner celebrating Scottish poet, Robert Burns. She brings along her coworker, Hamlet. After the dinner, the venue is burned to the ground and Hamlet is the number one suspect. IContinue Reading

Batten Down the Belfry

Batten Down the Belfry combines two of my favorite things to do: read cozy mysteries and watch house flipping shows. Whitney and her cousin Buck flip unusual properties. This time they buy an abandoned church and parsonage, which they plan to make an entertainment venue and restaurant, respectively. Not onlyContinue Reading

Cold Brew Corpse

Raina runs a trendy hot yoga studio on touristy Devil’s Beach, Florida. One day, she disappears. Her boyfriend, Kai, uses his state senator father’s clout to get all levels of law enforcement to search for her. Since the title of the book is Cold Brew Corpse, I think you canContinue Reading