Murder Most Fowl

It is always a pleasure to dip into Meg, Michael, and the (now twelve-year-old!) twins’ wacky world. Murder Most Fowl is the twenty-ninth book in the series. It’s full of the usual fun relative-filled hijinks—along with murder, attempted murder, theft, vandalism, racism, The Scottish Play, actors, and reenactors. Oh, andContinue Reading

Dark Roads

A possible serial killer is loose along some Dark Roads in this new character-driven thriller. Seventeen-year-old Hailey’s parents are dead, so she moves in with her Aunt Lana and five-year-old nephew, Cash. Unfortunately, Lana’s husband, Vaughn, lives there too. Vaughn is a police sergeant in the small rural town. HeContinue Reading

The Slightly Greener Method

Can you remove both natural and manmade toxins from your and your family’s life? Yes! With The Slightly Greener Method, a relatively painless and stress-free process, you can eliminate the worst toxins while still enjoying hot dogs and mascara. “The good news is that there are a lot of saferContinue Reading

The Guilt Trip

In The Guilt Trip, three British couples go to a destination wedding in Portugal where secrets are revealed, and marriages are tested. Will and drama queen Ali are getting married. Will’s brother, Jack, is best man and attends with his wife, Rachel. Rachel and Jack’s friends, Paige and Noah, alsoContinue Reading

We Were Never Here

Best friends since college, Kristen and Emily, take annual trips to faraway lands. But on their trip last year to Cambodia, something went terribly awry. Emily, the more sensitive one, has finally got over that trip when they next fly to Chile. While there, the same type of tragedy occurs.Continue Reading

Bullet Train

Can humor transcend language? Will Americans understand Bullet Train’s off-the-chain Japanese dark satirical humor? The answer for me, at least, is not really. “Steal someone’s suitcase and get off the train. That’s it.“ Five assassins are speeding across Japan in a train. Most are looking for a suitcase full ofContinue Reading

The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole

In the mood for a light comedic culinary cozy mystery? The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole will enchant with a raccoon infestation, a possibly corrupt deputy, and hungry burglars who only steal snack foods. The small town feel of rural Michigan is as fully developed as the main characters. “Bob, I’ve killedContinue Reading

Bad Scene

Travel back to 1978 San Francisco. The summer of love is long over. The dot com bubble is decades away. It’s a city filled with poverty, drugs and biker gangs. The Rolling Stones have a disco hit, Missing You, for goodness sakes! It is a Bad Scene, man. Baaaad. PrivateContinue Reading