We Were Never Here

We Were Never Here

Best friends since college, Kristen and Emily, take annual trips to faraway lands. But on their trip last year to Cambodia, something went terribly awry. Emily, the more sensitive one, has finally got over that trip when they next fly to Chile. While there, the same type of tragedy occurs. In both cases, the women quickly flee the country and insist We Were Never Here.

Emily is a hot mess. The fact she doesn’t see Kristen is the cause of most of her problems for over 80% of the book is my main issue with this book. It was frustrating hearing myself, internally, screaming at Emily throughout at least half the book. However, I did enjoy the characters’ twisted motives and histories. The ending of We Were Never Here was definitely worth being frustrated with Emily. It is literally the best last line I’ve ever read! 4 stars!

Thanks to Ballantine Books, Random House and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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