Survive the Night

Survive the Night

Survive the Night is the latest thriller from superstar author, Riley Sagar. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment compared to his previous books.

Even though the song, Stupid Girl by Garbage, didn’t come out until 5 years after the book’s time period of 1991, I couldn’t help but hear it buzzing around in my head while reading this novel. For Charlie really is a stupid girl. Mind-blowingly stupid. If you feel guilty that your college roommate died at the hands of a local serial killer, why, oh why, would you get in a car with a stranger? In 1991, before cellphones. Especially if you are obsessed with film noir and Hitchcock movies. Did you learn nothing from watching them?

I have watched most of the famous film noirs. They have a common theme. I guessed this theme would be the twist in the book less than 10% into the novel. Then I just waited it out until I could confirm my guess.

Even though I adored both of the previous books I’ve read by this author, Survive the Night failed on several levels for me. Charlie was such an idiot; I was actually rooting for the serial killer to off her. As I mentioned earlier, I guessed the twist ending early on in the book. However, I did enjoy the atmospheric, yet modern, setting of a car ride at night. A feeling of dread filled the novel. Still, this was a 3.5 star read for me. But I am looking forward to the next quirky tale from this author.

Thanks to Dutton Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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