Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Sheriff Heidi Kick has a lot on her plate. A record heat wave is killing the elderly in her rural Wisconsin town. A serial killer is killing the homeless. And local businessman, Barry Rickreiner, is running a vicious campaign against Heidi for Sheriff. He is blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in town lately. For Heidi, it feels like a Bad Moon Rising in Bad Axe County. Can former newspaper man and Vietnam veteran, Leroy “Grape” Fanta, help her defeat both the killer and Barry?

This book is crammed full with sub-plots too. Heidi’s son, Taylor, is acting out by physically assaulting his brother. Her daughter is “at a summer camp for gender-nonconforming kids”. Her mother-in-law, Grammy Belle, blames Heidi’s lack of attention for both issues. In addition, something is causing local “deer to stagger onto the roads and get killed in collisions”. Oh, and Heidi may be pregnant. All that is just from chapter 3.

I enjoyed reconnecting with Sheriff Heidi. While reading the first book in this series a couple of years ago, I loved Heidi but not the book’s pacing. With Bad Moon Rising, that problem has been fixed. The writing and pacing are smooth. The rural Wisconsin setting is unusual. Plus, I love all the ongoing sub-plots. If you are looking for a suspenseful deep dive into rural life, look no further. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Atria Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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