Dead by Dawn

Dead by Dawn

In Dead by Dawn, Maine Warden Investigator, Mike Bowditch, is looking into a cold case. Did Professor Chamberlain accidentally drown during a solo duck hunt? Or was he bludgeoned to death and pushed from his boat?

Somehow, he riled up someone with his questions. On his way back from his dog/wolf’s vet appointment, the road is sabotaged. His truck breaks the river’s ice and sinks. Mike lets his animal, Shadow, out first and then somehow scrambles up the river’s far bank. He has 15 minutes to find shelter and heat before hypothermia sets in and he will collapse. Can he do it? Will Shadow help or hinder his chances for survival?

I loved this man vs. the elements (and a bunch of enemy trackers) story! Mike’s first-person survival tale was interspersed with the Professor’s story. I raced through the Professor’s chapters to find out what happened with Mike.

If you are a fan of Survivor, Alone, or Naked and Afraid, you will be entranced by Mike’s harrowing story. 5 stars for Dead by Dawn!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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