The Institute

The Institute

The Institute is a claustrophobic thrill ride that is perfect for fans of The Cube movies! Agnieszka, her four roommates, and two friends wake up trapped in her apartment in Poland. The stairs are barred. The elevator never comes when called. Their Wi-Fi, phones and internet are not working. Threatening notes are shoved under the door. Why are they being held? More importantly, how will they escape?

You can definitely tell that The Institute was written by someone familiar with Poland and its history. I am fairly sure that I missed many of the nuances that a native would have picked up. However, I definitely felt the menace and dread in the air while reading the book.

Agnieszka is like a mother anywhere. Trying to keep moving forward and make her child’s life better than her own. I feel the mystery in the book, who was holding them captive and why, was unsolvable by an armchair detective. Or, at least, I couldn’t solve it. It is best to go in and read this as a thriller instead. If you like The Cube movies, I think this book will be enjoyable for you too. 3.5 stars.

Thanks to Legend Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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