Stranger in the Lake

Stranger in the Lake

Charlotte, aka Charlie, finds a drowned Stranger in the Lake in front of her southern Appalachian home. Charlotte is more concerned for her recent husband, Paul. After all, his wife drowned in the same location not too long ago. Even though Paul denies knowing the stranger, Charlotte saw him talking to the dead woman in the street the day before she is found dead. Why is Paul lying? Who is the stranger? Is it just a coincidence that the stranger died by the same method and in the same location as Paul’s wife? Or is something more sinister at work?

I really enjoyed all the twists and turns within Stranger in the Lake. By the conclusion, I didn’t trust anything anyone said. In addition, I didn’t guess the murderer, which is always great fun! Even though most of the characters were unsympathetic, I still enjoyed watching the plot unwind. If you like domestic thrillers, this is a great book with a new twist on the typical plot. 4 stars!

Thanks to Park Row, Harlequin Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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