Six Word Wonder

Six Word Wonder

Six Word Wonder is a book for people with little time to read and/or short attention spans. Only one person ahead of you in the grocery store line? You still have time to read one or two of these concise little stories.

I have to admit I was skeptical. How can you fit all the plot of a short story into only six words? Surprisingly, the author succeeds. The only way to see if you will enjoy this book is to see it in action. Here are a few of my favorite Six Word Wonders.

  • Air traffic controller’s last day? Impactful.
  • For sale: Ski boots. Wanted: Wheelchair.
  • He’s a priest! Not a criminal…
  • He forgot he had dementia. Daily.
  • Preached. Inspired. Betrayed. Crucified. Resurrected.
  • The virus spread, until we’re dead.
  • Enjoy your life. There’s no repeat.

The book also explains how to write your own Wonder. I firmly disagree that hyphenated words should count as two words. But otherwise, it’s fine advice and great fun to do.

Six Word Wonder is a welcome diversion from real life. 5 stars!

Thanks to author and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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