What happens to Mean Girls and Pretty Little Liars when they grow up? They become concerned about their Reputation.

“Good reputations land jobs, find you a spouse, earn you the right friends. But have a bad reputation—well. Here come the whispers. Here come the slammed doors. So it makes sense to preserve a good name, sure. But how far would you go to preserve your reputation—especially when you fear you’re about to be exposed? Would you work on a good cover story? Would you lie? Would you kill?”—from Reputation

Kit, Lynn, Laura, and Raina have a complicated relationship. One is Insta-curating her life to show perfection where little really lies. One is envious of another. Another is having an affair with someone else’s husband. When the college where they all work is hacked and their email exposed, they all scramble to conceal their secrets from each other. However, when one person is murdered, everything is exposed for all to see.

Reputation is an engrossing read. The story of the secrets that people have behind their heavily curated facade is compelling. It is truly difficult to stop reading because you want to see the author’s next sleight of hand twist, of which there are many. While the book dragged a bit in the middle—it is rather long for a domestic thriller—the surprising conclusion is well worth the time spent. If you liked the author’s previous work or just domestic thrillers in general, you will enjoy this book. 4 stars!

Thanks to Dutton Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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