Neuroscience of Selling

Neuroscience of Selling

The title of the Neuroscience of Selling is rather misleading because no specific scientific studies are mentioned in the book or end notes. In fact, this book is based on other pop culture books and articles about selling.

The introduction had me thinking there were new ideas here. But, nope, it’s the same old hoary ideas with some fresh scientific jargon to pretty them up. How many people don’t already know that you lead with the customer’s needs, use bright colors and videos in presentations?

I truly didn’t see a single new idea here. There are a multitude of better sales books out there. In fact, the Neuroscience of Selling references many of them in its end notes. Overall, I can’t recommend this book. 2 stars.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Non-fiction and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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