Healthy Easy Mexican

Healthy Easy Mexican

Mexican food is so delicious! And here, in California, it is plentiful. However, everyone should try to eat healthier. In a restaurant, you may be eating foods fried in lard. If you create the same dish at home, you can control the fat and calories. So, how does the Healthy Easy Mexican cookbook achieve the healthy part? Olive or canola oil instead of lard. Low fat cheese and sour cream (and even plain Greek yogurt) replaces traditional full fat dairy. Brown and white basmati rice replace regular white rice. Taco/tostado shells and tortilla chips are baked in the oven instead of frying them. Relatively minor charges can quickly up the healthy factor in your meals.

“This cookbook shows that many of our traditional recipes can be modified to be healthier and still taste great.”

This cookbook has every recipe you will need to replicate the food common to Mexican restaurants. I will save a ton of money buying deli salsas and guacamole by using the recipes included here. There are even recipes for enchilada and chili colorado sauces included.

The Healthy Easy Mexican cookbook is a great resource for those love Mexican food but not the calories within it. Many of the recipes are innovative (i.e., Mushroom Enchiladas). Others will let you know how to use some of the exotic Mexican ingredients in your market’s international aisle. I’m already planning on making the Shrimp Rice with that dried shrimp spice I’ve always wondered about. All the recipes have full nutritional information and even diabetic exchanges. Well done! 5 stars!

Thanks to The Experiment and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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