Campaigns & Companions

Campaigns & Companions

If you love your pets and you know what D&D stands for, you are in for an uproarious read with the fully illustrated Campaigns & Companions.

“GM: The sorceress carefully places the glowing bottle on the workbench next to her. ‘Take heed, brave adventurers,’ she intones, ‘for contained within this delicate vile is enough power to destroy Hafgan’s entire necropolis. If a single drop fell upon the ground it would surely—

Cat: I knock the bottle off the table.”

I think the best way to tell you how funny this book is to quote from it extensively. But, I will restrain myself because then you will miss the chance to read them within this delightful book. Okay, just one more quote for dog lovers.

“GM: ‘The dart flies through the air and—‘

Dog: ‘I run after the dart and bring it back!’

GM: ‘What? You can’t! It’s stuck in the bum of the orc it hit.’

Dog: ‘I jump up at the orc, excitedly.’

GM: ‘Roll Wisdom.’

Dog: ‘Ah… I got a 4…’

GM: ‘The orc removes the dart and throws it—‘

Dog: ‘I run after the dart.’

GM: ‘—into a chasm.’

In addition to the nerd humor, I just have to comment on the excellent illustrations. They really up the enjoyment of this most highly recommended book. Campaigns & Companions would make a perfect gift for the pet-loving nerd in your life. 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to Rebellion and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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