A Curious Incident

A Curious Incident

It all started with a missing cat. Eleven-year-old Lauren asks Gemma to help her find Snowball, which Gemma promptly does. A few days later, Lauren is back asking Gemma to clear her mom, Sheila, of murder charges. The victim, Anna, was suspected of having an affair with Lauren’s dad, David. In addition, Sheila publicly accused Anna of sabotaging her roses before the town’s annual garden contest resulting in a physical altercation. Later the same day, Anna wins the garden contest, is bashed in the head, and left dead in a park. Quite A Curious Incident, indeed!

Who wouldn’t want to have Gemma’s life? Co-owner and manager of a Sherlock Holmes bookstore on Cape Cod. She has a handsome police detective boyfriend, plus a town full of friends, family, and (screech!!!) murderers. Sounds like my cuppa tea, which is conveniently made next door in Mrs. Hudson’s tea shop by Gemma’s best friend Jayne.

It is always a pleasure to go detecting with Gemma. This is the sixth book in the series. All the characters seem like my family at this point. They are both realistic and believable. I learned a bit about gardening and began craving cucumber tea sandwiches (the herb added to the cream cheese is fresh dill). There are two mysteries this time. Who destroyed Sheila’s garden? Who killed Anna, and why? The first mystery is easy to solve. The second is more of a challenge though not quite as challenging as other books in this series.

A Curious Incident is a superior cozy mystery with genuine characters and two engaging mysteries to solve. 4 stars!

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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