Bone Deep

When investigating a wife’s murder, police investigators always look at the husband first. Bone Deep tells the true story of what happens when that assumption is incorrect—but the husband is convicted of murder anyway. Yes, the Russ Faria case of injustice really happened. And yes, it is the subject ofContinue Reading

Batten Down the Belfry

Batten Down the Belfry combines two of my favorite things to do: read cozy mysteries and watch house flipping shows. Whitney and her cousin Buck flip unusual properties. This time they buy an abandoned church and parsonage, which they plan to make an entertainment venue and restaurant, respectively. Not onlyContinue Reading

Eating Salad Drunk

Eating Salad Drunk is a bunch of haikus by comedians that you have probably never heard of. The book proves two things.  Haikus are more fun to write than to read, and Comedians are no better than anyone else in writing humorous ones. I’m disappointed. I had high hopes forContinue Reading

The End of Getting Lost

Gina and Duncan are a newlywed couple on a belated honeymoon touring Europe. Gina is recovering her memories after an accident. The reader soon suspects that Duncan is hiding something from Gina. What can it be? How will Gina respond if the truth is revealed? The answers lie in theContinue Reading


I read science fiction for its great and unexpected ideas. While you know what you will encounter in a mystery or romance, reading science fiction is more like a leap into space with no memory of putting on a bungie cord. Mickey7 contains just that type of big idea. TheContinue Reading

The Art of Papercraft

If you’re feeling crafty (in a good way), The Art of Papercraft will give you some relatively inexpensive paper crafting ideas. From an Origami Candy Dish to wall hangings, this book has forty different projects using various techniques. It even teaches how to make the paper itself. The instructions areContinue Reading

The Wedding Murders

If you remember 1990s boy bands with fondness, don’t miss The Wedding Murders. Secrets abound at the present-day wedding of a member of a 90s boy band. At its heart is the mystery of why the band broke up so many years ago. Then, the killings begin. The Wedding MurdersContinue Reading

This Way to the Universe

Curious about physics but hate all the math? Same here. This Way to the Universe provides a dense and diverse look into the subject written in plain English, mostly. From quantum physics to astrophysics, most questions are answered here. However, don’t expect an easy read. I would describe it asContinue Reading

Clean Air

Imagine that instead of higher temperatures and rising waters, it was the trees that started the apocalypse. That is the setting in Clean Air. It is ten years after The Turning, when runaway tree pollen killed more than half of the world’s population. The world has rebuilt using robots controlledContinue Reading

Cherish Farrah

The love-hate relationship between teenage girl bffs is explored in Cherish Farrah. Farrah is the child of upper middle-class black parents. Her best friend, Cherish, is the black adopted daughter of even wealthier white parents. When Farrah’s parents have financial difficulties, she decides to take over Cherish’s life of beingContinue Reading