This Way to the Universe

Curious about physics but hate all the math? Same here. This Way to the Universe provides a dense and diverse look into the subject written in plain English, mostly. From quantum physics to astrophysics, most questions are answered here. However, don’t expect an easy read. I would describe it asContinue Reading

Clean Air

Imagine that instead of higher temperatures and rising waters, it was the trees that started the apocalypse. That is the setting in Clean Air. It is ten years after The Turning, when runaway tree pollen killed more than half of the world’s population. The world has rebuilt using robots controlledContinue Reading

Cherish Farrah

The love-hate relationship between teenage girl bffs is explored in Cherish Farrah. Farrah is the child of upper middle-class black parents. Her best friend, Cherish, is the black adopted daughter of even wealthier white parents. When Farrah’s parents have financial difficulties, she decides to take over Cherish’s life of beingContinue Reading