Diablo Mesa

In Diablo Mesa, archeologist Nora Kelly is tricked into working on a project at the site of the Roswell Incident in 1947—even though she doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials. While excavating, Nora’s team discovers the bodies of a man and a woman that appear to date from the 1940s. In addition,Continue Reading

The End of Getting Lost

Gina and Duncan are a newlywed couple on a belated honeymoon touring Europe. Gina is recovering her memories after an accident. The reader soon suspects that Duncan is hiding something from Gina. What can it be? How will Gina respond if the truth is revealed? The answers lie in theContinue Reading


I read science fiction for its great and unexpected ideas. While you know what you will encounter in a mystery or romance, reading science fiction is more like a leap into space with no memory of putting on a bungie cord. Mickey7 contains just that type of big idea. TheContinue Reading

The Art of Papercraft

If you’re feeling crafty (in a good way), The Art of Papercraft will give you some relatively inexpensive paper crafting ideas. From an Origami Candy Dish to wall hangings, this book has forty different projects using various techniques. It even teaches how to make the paper itself. The instructions areContinue Reading