The Quick and Easy InstaPot Diet Cookbook

Quick and Easy Instapot Diet Cookbook

This cookbook had me at the title with buzzwords like quick, easy, instant pot and even diet. So does The Quick and Easy InstaPot Diet Cookbook deliver on the promises of its title?

All the recipes use an instant pot, or other electric pressure cooker so check that one off. The instant pot by itself promises food will cook quickly so that adjective is accurate. Since full nutritional information is provided, I can see by the calorie counts that diet is an accurate adjective too. The instructions for each recipe, especially how to cook in an instant pot, are very detailed and clear. Most of the recipes are relatively easy for a great professional sounding result so I would agree with the easy adjective too. Now, why did I say “sounding”? Because there is a dearth of photographs within this book. By dearth, I mean none. Not one, which is unusual in a cookbook. However, if you can overlook that one issue, you will find some interesting recipes like Smoky Bacon and Pork Goulash and Upside-Down Chocolate-Crusted Cheesecake. In a diet cookbook? Yum! 4 stars!

Thanks to New Shoe Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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