I selected Momenticon because of its post-apocalyptic science fiction plot within an Alice in Wonderland setting. I chose it even though I had been disappointed by Alice books before. I didn’t have to worry. The world-building is fantastic here!

In a future horrifically ruined Earth, two insanely rich families scrap over what little is left. Lord Vain is a traditionally royal noblesse oblige type trying, at least on paper, to save humanity and its works of art. His son and heir is, of course, evil personified. Lord Sine, by contrast, is trying to evolve beyond the Earth’s issues by creating the ultimate gene-manipulated human. However, his creations continually go insane. His solution is to bring artists in to create imaginary worlds for the creations’ amusement. The worlds are accessed by swallowing a pill called a Momenticon. The most successful world so far is based on Alice in Wonderland. There are clear parallels between the imaginary world’s chess board of white and red pieces and the two warring families. But which family is the “good” one?

Three years later, an art museum remains open and unused on a derelict Earth. Only a single curator remains tending to its collection. One day a visitor arrives. Who she is and why either of them are in the museum is the main plot of the book.

Just when you decide that all the good plots have been written before, along comes something brilliantly different like Momenticon. If you enjoy science fiction, post-apocalyptical fiction, Alice in Wonderland, or just want to read something new, don’t miss this book! 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to Mobius and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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