The Intermittent Fasting Revolution

The Intermittent Fasting Revolution

Go deep, really deep, into the science of The Intermittent Fasting Revolution.

Can time-restricted eating or alternate fasting days really cure diabetes, obesity, and possibly other diseases? The author says yes. Then he proceeds to prove his case with vast research looking at early humans, studies he has run since the 1990s, and other historical research.

The book reads like a peer-reviewed journal article expanded into book form. Do you need this information to begin intermittent fasting yourself? No, but some of the rabbit holes he goes down provide interesting information.

For example, human brains are 10% smaller now than when we were hunter-gatherers. The author attributes that to both the need to remember how to find food and the intermittent fasting when food was not found. However, I don’t think he adequately proved his case that food scarcity and fasting were the causes of the bigger brains and not just a coincidence.

People who want to know about the history and science behind fasting will enjoy the rambling intellectualism of The Intermittent Fasting Revolution. However, for someone just looking to begin intermittent fasting, there are better, more concise options. 3 stars.

Thanks to The MIT Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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