Grow More Food

Grow More Food is written for serious gardeners. If you are an intermediate gardener and want to level up production, this book will help you do it. However, you should have at least two to three years of home gardening under your belt first. Alternatively, you can start here ifContinue Reading

A Taste for Poison

As a lifelong mystery devotee, I definitely have A Taste for Poison. After all, my favorite author, Agatha Christie, used it in many of her plots. Agatha had been trained in pharmacology during WWI, which gave her plots authenticity. Now, aspiring mystery writers, and potential murderers I suppose, can justContinue Reading

Catch Her When She Falls

Catch Her When She Falls is a slow-paced thriller where the unsympathic narrator may or may not be losing her mind. In high school, Micah, Emily, Alex and Ryan hung out together. Emily was Micah’s best friend. Alex was Micah’s boyfriend. Ryan was Alex’ best friend. Alex and Emily wereContinue Reading

The Intermittent Fasting Revolution

Go deep, really deep, into the science of The Intermittent Fasting Revolution. Can time-restricted eating or alternate fasting days really cure diabetes, obesity, and possibly other diseases? The author says yes. Then he proceeds to prove his case with vast research looking at early humans, studies he has run sinceContinue Reading

Super Gut

Ten years ago, the author of Super Gut published Wheat Belly. The book, which advocated restricting wheat, was a hit! I even followed its plan for years. So, I was excited to see he had written a new book. Unfortunately, Super Gut is a disappointment. The new diet incorporates theContinue Reading