Catch Her When She Falls

Catch Her When She Falls

Catch Her When She Falls is a slow-paced thriller where the unsympathic narrator may or may not be losing her mind.

In high school, Micah, Emily, Alex and Ryan hung out together. Emily was Micah’s best friend. Alex was Micah’s boyfriend. Ryan was Alex’ best friend. Alex and Emily were having a clandestine affair. When Emily was murdered, the police arrested Alex.

Now, ten years later, a true crime website is renewing interest in the crime. Micah begins to have doubts about Alex’ guilt. She sets off on a road trip to speak with Joshua, Emily’s brother, about Emily’s death. While driving, she flashes back to that night and her recent life with her boyfriend, Ryan.

The book has an unusual format. In the first quarter, just trying to get the characters straight was a challenge. The mystery of who really killed Emily doesn’t hit thriller speed until almost 80% into the book.

So, was the ending worth slogging through the rest of Catch Her When She Falls? While it was surprising, it was more of a double than a home run. 3 stars.

Thanks to Random House and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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