The Binding Room

The Binding Room

In The Binding Room, even the most upstanding people may have a secret or two hiding in their closets.

Pastor Caleb is the leader of the popular church he named after himself. One day, the church cleaning lady is surprised to find him stabbed to death on the church floor. Inspector Henley and her partner, Ramouter, are called out to the scene. While there, Henley finds a man tortured almost to death in a secret room. Is he the reason for Caleb’s death? Or is something even more sinister going on here? Based on the length of the book (it’s over 500 pages), assume that the second guess is more likely.

If you love diverse British police procedurals, don’t miss The Binding Room. It is spot on in both plotting and characterization. Trying to entangle the plot points to determine the murderer is complicated by more and more murder victims. It’s a great challenge for armchair detectives!

My only complaint is there is no clear and concise summary of what happened to Henley in the first book, which would have helped new readers to the series, like myself, understand her PTSD a bit better.

Overall, 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars!

Thanks to Hanover Square Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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